Making simple software and charging heaps because we are hip and edgy...

If less is more than more is more is more than the more the less would make. Unless the less is less less quality than the more...

Spacecamp - The only way to pay for email.

I'll fly to the moon and back if you'll be, if you'll be my baby. I've got a ticket for a world where we, we belong. So would you be my baby?


Manage Astronauts

File and document teleportation.

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Skyrise - Why have one thing which does something when you could have two things that do the same thing.

Know everything about everyone, everywhere, all the time, always, forever. Rule the world.


Forget Forgetting

Knowledge is Power. Know things.

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Backspace - Improves efficiency by removing unnecessary characters.

Backspace will save you hundreds of hours of painstaking work and at least $5.95 a week in liquid paper.


Share Secrets

Don't get confused. Share your feelings.

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Forest Fire - Lets you put out fires in real time while talking to friends.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if his home had just been destroyed by a preventable wild fire?

Forest Fire

Be Prepared

Fire safety for your business.

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We built the company that we’d want to do business with. Then we built this one.


Software is secondary

Build up an audience then sell to that audience. It might take longer but if you don't have VC you've got plenty of time. If a customer likes you they'll buy anything such as short stories, vague insights, tight t-shirts and will pay you to tell them how wrong they are.


Great service is optional

Outsourcing is much cheaper. When you're investing your own money in a project, cutting corners is important. If it's a choice between good products and good margins, margins make the mustard.


Clarity is kinfuhgjno

The crying leaf announces the courier. Dissimilar damage faints across the dependent garbage. Repeatedly, the penguin breathes without imperative. A stuffed box papers the etymology.


No hidden ninjas

67signals has never and will never take money from evil ninjas. You, the consumer, pay for our day to day operations and not a shadowy board of global dictators.


We have a magician

A lot of our return goes into paying the salary of our in-house illusionist, David Blaine. His performances inspire many of our products, strategy, direction and he makes developing fun.


Pick a fight

But obviously not with us because then our minions will destroy you. It’s that kind of unwarranted aggression that gives us an edge. Temper tantrums, cursing and randomly throwing things are what makes our company so ludicrously popular.


Software should be easy to make

If it’s hard to build, it’s probably hard to use, but it’s definitely hard to build. Hard isn’t hip. Minimum effort means maximum cool. That’s what makes good software great.


Words we like

Profit. Spelunking. Facetious. Merriment. Bombastic. Nasal. Tertiary. Speculum. Enticingly. Hip. Diatonic. Animagus. Entrepreneurial. Profit. Patronymic. Pilfer. Profit. Demodulating. Polymerized. Gibbon. Profit.

Our novel - UNWORK - Don’t do anything by the book unless it’s this book!


“I’m very impressed by the humility and raw honesty of these impressive young entrepreneurs. Such compassion, empathy and generosity, they are a shining example of kindness in this modern age.”

— Gandhi

“It doesn't really apply to me but still an interesting read.”

— Average Business Owner

That's everything we offer... ENJOY!

But if you copy our stuff, we will hunt you down! ... I will break you ... You will never work again and everyone you love will leave while you sit in your room and cry!